Kitschy Kitchen Cookie Jar - Game Ready

Cookie jar model

Kitschy Kitchen Cookie Jar - Game Ready

This project combined my love for antiquing and game art! My primary focus here was modeling the green (Cat? Bear?) cookie jar. I based its design off of a cookie jar I regrettably passed up while antiquing a couple of years ago. I stylized the eyes and head to make it look cuter and even more ridiculous. It was sculpted in Zbrush, retopo'd in Blender, and painted in Substance.

All other props were modeled in Blender and painted in Substance. Alphas for the container fonts and mug pattern were hand drawn in Photoshop and imported into Substance. The counter texture is from Megascans. Everything is rendered in UE4.

This project served to be great practice with UE4. I still have a lot to learn (especially with lighting) but this was a great experience!

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